Our Philosophy

We are a Christian school and our school is open to children of all religions, races, creeds, colors or national origin. Our Chrisitan foundation is inclusive, not exclusive. We welcome families of all denominations, as well as those who have no church affiliation.

Because we recognize that children develop in stages and each of these stages is vital to the development of the whole child, we provide age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities and curriculum in each group. Research has indicated that children learn best through active play, as they are in the important “window of opportunity” for brain development.

Very young children, especially infants and toddlers, need to develop warm and supportive relationships with adults who are responsive to their individual needs.

Children under the age of two are assigned primary caregivers, so they can develop and learn in an environment that is sensitive and responsive to their individual abilities, their age, their culture, and their language.

We work with parents on the child’s feeding and sleep schedule Our ratio of one adult to three infants (ages 6 weeks to walking) and one adult to four toddlers (walking to 24 months) ensures they get plenty of one on one attention. Preschool children learn best through concrete, hands-on experiences with objects, the natural environment, and people.

Infants and toddlers learn primarily by using their bodies and senses to discover the world around them. We provide opportunities to practice their skills as they learn to crawl, pull up, and then walk.

Research has shown that low adult to child ratios and early bonding with a caring adult are two of the best ways to provide quality early care and education. They need many opportunities to explore, to think, to reason, to problem solve, and to question. As a result, play in different learning centers in the primary way young children learn and form a solid foundation for school readiness and later school success.

Preschool children need to be able to make decisions, so there will be lots of chances to make choices throughout the day. Making decisions, based on critical thinking skills, is one of the most important activities children need to learn to become responsible adults.

All of the age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities which we use are geared toward helping children learn the necessary skills to be able to make wise decisions as they grow and have to make increasingly complex decisions.

Preschool is a process, which will not always result in a product.

The teachers of EBCDC&A Have both education and experience in working with young children. They understand the development of children and how they learn best. Through positive interactions, our teachers, support young children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn by providing a rich learning environment that is challenging but not frustrating.

The age appropriate, developmentally appropriate activities planned by the teachers meet the physical, motor, language, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of young children.

At EBCDC&A, the children develop the basic concepts that form the foundation for literacy (reading and writing), math, science, social studies, fine arts, and health that will be necessary for later school readiness and school success.

Preschool children spend some time each day in small group activities, large group activities, and outdoors. These experiences encourage children to learn from one another as well as from adults.

Our program welcomes parents and their family members as observers or participators at any time. We maintain and “open door policy”, and encourage parents to be actively involved in our program and their child’s education.